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Hauling in Los Angeles has completed over 5,000 property cleanups and junk removal in the Los Angeles Area.

At the same time the REO asset is secured and protected against possible damages, we also turn our attention to the overall curb appeal.  This starts with the initial grass cut, and continues throughout the listing period.

We expect our workers to edge along curbs and sidewalks, to use a weed whacker along fences, foundations and walkways, and to trim shrubs as needed. The workers are required to provide photos documenting the “before” and “after” conditions of all work completed.

As long as the after photos demonstrate clearly that all areas have all grass growth cut below 2 inches, including along all fence lines and walkways. Minor debris/trash in yard (newspapers, flyers, bottles, etc.). Should be picked up and removed with each grass cut as part of the maintenance.

Hauling in Los Angeles in REO bank owned, abandoned and foreclosed property securing, lawn maintenance and cleanup services. From furniture and appliance removal to professional cleaning, we offer prompt service and competitive pricing. We work seamlessly with local Law Enforcement, Realtors, Locksmiths, Pool Companies, Contractors, Lawn Maintenance Crews and more.

junk removal Commerce before

City of Commerce before grass cut

before junk removal City of Commerce

before Commerce grass cutting

City of Commerce before junk removal

Commerce before cut lawn

grass cut City of Commerce before

grass cutting service Commerce before

before junk removal Commerce

City of Commerce during cut grass

City of Commerce during junk removal

during cut lawn City of Commerce

after Commerce junk removal

Commerce after grass cut

junk removal after City of Commerce

after City of Commerce grass cutting job

City of Commerce after junk removal

City of Commerce after cut lawn

grass cutting Commerce after

grass cutting service after Commerce

junk removal Commerce dump truck

dump truck Commerce grass cut